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A Ace hotel won a prize 2017 Guest Review Awards!

BOOKING.COM Guest Review Awards We won a prize from BOOKING.COM ! Thank you all who have commented on the website. We look forward to hosting you again and giving you a even better experience this year!

AACE Hotel has always been the first choice of Hong kong travelers to Taichung accommodation ~

AACE Hotel has always been the first choice of Hong kong  travelers to Taichung accommodation .. Lovely family stay in “AACE Hotel  ” Brother and sister are so pretty and cute! I hope to have a chance to come back to Taichung oh ^^! So happy to be able to entertain you ~ We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

Housing experience for you

The context of city brings elegant atmosphere, and the integration of culture and commerce for you

Homelike comfort

Your privacy is deeply valued by us, and even your preference will not be forgotten. We look forward to make you feel fully welcomed at A ACE Hotel.

Good geographic location

Being located in the central zone of Taichung City and only tenminute walk from Taichung Railway Station, the excellent geographical location of A ACE Hotel makes the businessmen and the travelers come and go freely in Taichung.

Evaluation of A ACE Hotel

A ACE Hotel was known as the hotel of high-cost performance, compared with the other accommodations nearby. A ACE Hotel provides more excellent quality and more reasonable price for you.

Diverse attractions

Taichung City is one of the few cities that remain the old city center and the culture and landscape born in the time of Japanese ruling in Taiwan. There are railway station, Taichung Park, Yizhong Street, and Taichung City Hall Building near it, which helps you to experience the impact and integration of new culture and old culture of Taichung City.

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